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The purpose of this section is to provide easy access to information regarding recruitment and retention. Increasing membership is one of the district’s top two goals for this biennium. Let’s keep the heat on and get membership back in the 600’s!

Add 2 new members to every club in the world
(Net increase from 6/1/10 to 6/1/12)

The district OMC (Organization, Membership, and Classification) committee, comprised of the Lieutenant Governor and the Vice Area Directors, has been working hard to gather documents that will be helpful in your efforts to recruit and retain members. Additions will be made on an ongoing basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

Marcy O’Toole, D12 OMC Chair, Lt. Governor
Vice Area Directors:
Area 1 – Teresa Forbes
Area 2 – Michelle Ammerman
Area 3 – Ann Hodgson
Area 4 – Linda Hawkins


What is it like to be a Zonta Club? (doc)
Laramie’s Membership Social (pdf)
Laramie’s Committee Brochure (pdf)
Getting Ahead in Zonta (pdf)
Who Should Join Zonta (doc)
Check List (pdf)
Brochure 2009 revision (doc)

2011 Emeritus Dues Statement (doc)
2011 Dues Statement (doc)
Retention 1 (pdf)
Retention 2006 (pdf)

New Member Training
New Member Cover (doc)
New Zee Orientation, Rev 10-31-2011 (doc)
New Member Agenda (pdf)
Zonta’s Mission, Vision and History (docx)
Objectives of Zonta (doc)
Biennial Goals 2010-2012 (doc)
ZI Organizational Structure (pdf)
D12 Map of Clubs (pdf)
Important Dates (docx)
Zonta and the UN (doc)
Leota Pekrul (pdf)
Amey Grubbs (pdf)
Marian de Forest 1 (pdf)
Marian de Forest 2 (pdf)

Barb Pellegrens Start of the Zonta Club of Denver (doc)
A Little Bit More About the Zonta Club of Denver (docx)
Zonta Club of Denver Standing Committees (doc)

Other Helpful Documents:
Twelve Month Survey (pdf)
Strategic Planning Survey (doc)
Scholarships (pdf)
Suited For Success Brochure (pdf)
Photograph and Video Release Form