Area 3 – Goals 2013–2014




  1. Increase visibility and Public Relations
  2. Increase membership
  3. Have productive and meaningful Area meetings
  4. Continually update website
  5. Be a liaison for clubs to District


  1. Attend at least one meeting per club per biennium (all ready attended Lakewood/Golden and Foothills Boulder)
  2. Help clubs increase membership 1 net member each year through strong service projects and fund raisers.
  3. Increase visibility and Public Relations through attending outside functions, having the Z logo visible through various channels, i.e., with a stamp, banner, signs, etc.
  4. Update the website by listening to members on what they expect from it.
  5. Have Presidents’ meeting every other month to improve communications
  6. Help train Vice Area Director to continue the work that ZI has set for our goals.