2017 Amelia Earhart Fellows

at the University of Colorado – Boulderamelia

mariaMaria del Mar Cols Margenet
Citizenship: Spain
Proposed Program: Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder

Ms. Cols Margenet will use her fellowship to study onboard flight software with the goal to reduce the costs of flight software and expand the accessibility of space exploration. She is working to increase the generality and reusability of flight software components to enable better management of development resources. She has been working on a project independent reusable software framework.
Ms. Cols Margenet is an Enshin Karate trainer and is an active member of the CU-Boulder Catalan Club.

fultonJoanna Fulton
Citizenship: USA
Proposed Program: Aerospace Engineering Sciences at University of Colorado, Boulder

Ms. Fulton will research the dynamic behaviors of highly flexible, deployable structures to reduce the perceived risk and redefine the feasibility of their implementation in space missions. She will investigate modeling techniques that are computationally fast and can provide the systems-level dynamics behaviors of the deployment.
Her research also pursues dynamics analyses that invest gate structure design and control implementations to yield desirable dynamic behaviors. She will model deployables that are designed using origami-folding techniques with elastic material on the fold lines or hinges. She will investigate how to describe and study fold patterns using dynamics techniques traditionally developed for attitude dynamics and control to better understand how the structure’s motion affects the spacecraft. This will provide efficient tools and methods for modeling the full three-dimensional folding and deployment dynamics of the highly complex, coupled and constrained multi -body systems that are deployable space structures.
Ms. Fulton is a cofounder of Women in Aerospace Engineering student group and is a graduate committee member for the Society of Women Engineers at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She also volunteers for various engineering days and science and technology fairs and events.