Prowers Club article with photo of members

The Zonta Club of Prowers County was organized in 1949 by Miss Frances Carpenter , a member of the Zonta Club of Denver and a pilot. On one of her flights she happened to be stranded in Lamar for a few hours..
Being very Zonta-minded, she used her time to contact several Lamarites who later became charter members of the Prowers County Zonta Club. On April 22, 1949 the first organizational meeting of club was held with Miss Carpenter in attendance. Temporary officers were chosen. On May 4th,1949 a meeting was held with the newly elected President of the Denver Club, Peg Mayer in attendance to welcome the Prowers County Club. Frances Carpenter was also present and spoke about various organization details. The temporary officers were elected as the permanent officers. They were : President – Napier Shinn Vice President – Bess Romer Secretary – Ellen Willyard Treasurer -Leela Musselman. On May 11, 1949, the club was chartered and on May 22, 1949 the charter dinner was held. The 21 charter members of the Prowers County Club,representatives of the sponsoring Club of Denver, members of the Colorado Springs Club and Dr. Dorothea Raduch representing Zonta International were in attendance at “ the exceptionally impressive affair “.
In the years following, the membership of the new club increased dramatically. Reaching a peak membership
of 84 , the club was presented with the Zonta International Membership Award, called the “Ruby Award”, at the 1960 International Convention in Toronto, Canada. Membership numbers over the years – 1985- 67, 1991- 45
and 2014- 29 . The club has received numerous District awards over the years for Membership and Service.
One of our members, Beverly Augustine , has proudly served as District 12 Governor in the years 1966-68
and as the Chairman of the Zonta International, Membership, Service and International Hostess committees .
Helen Crowe, Virginia Downing , Emily Giles, Liz Whitham and Cathy Callison held District 12 offfices or Committee Chairmanships. Verna Hallock, Kathryn Wootten and Susan Miller-Sutphin have been Area 4 Directors and Linda Hawkins is Area 4 Vice- Director. The Prowers County Club has hosted numerous Area 4 meetings and the District 12 Conference in the years 1960, 1968, 1987, 1996 and 2004.
Service projects from the first years of the club’s history have been to award scholarships, financial contributions and recognition to our local women of all ages. The Lamar Community College scholarship for a young woman from Southeast Colorado and the Zonta Girls night, which honors a senior girl from seven area high schools, have been, and remain, the most continuous projects. Yearly, the club sponsors fund raisers for the Domestic Safety Resource Center’s Safe House and the Carenet Pregnancy Center. The Athena Award, a national award program founded by the Oldsmobile corporation, was given yearly for 20 years to an outstanding woman in the community. The Young Women in Public Affairs Award, and the Jane M.Klausman Scholarship are given annually. Colorado Girls State delegates have been supported , as well as the local Girl Scouts. Senior citizens were honored with an annual Tea, an Anniversary Tea to honor couples who had been married for 50 years or longer and a monthly birthday party at the local nursing home. The Prowers County Club has supported generously and been involved to some degree in the majority of local community projects in its 65 years. Our club contributes annually to Zonta International Foundation and this year actively supported the Zonta Says No campaign. We look forward to celebrating our 70th year as Zonta International celebrates its 100th.


Respectfully submitted : Kathryn Wootten


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