Zonta District 12 Outreach Feb 2015
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New Mission, New Vision, New Theme and New Logo - From your District 12 Treasurer -  2014 Governor's Seminar - JMK Scholarship Winner - 2014 YWPA Winner - D12 Historian - Booth in a Box - Area 3 Meeting - Hello from the D12 Nominating Committee - Remembering Jackie Sammons - Meet the District 12 Board
We are well into the 2014 - 2016 biennium, but I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about our Zonta International 2014 - 2016 Theme.
We are a member driven organization - Our values are our strength
   Our projects and programs give us conviction
   Our commitment is the driving force of all our actions
   Our vision and mission give us the courage
When I think about these three words, I see it in all of us.  We are committed Zontians with a strong conviction to help women change their lives.  Standing together as one gives us the courage to be the trailblazers in our communities and our world.
As we enter 2015, I can't believe that we are of the way through the biennium.  However, when I  look at 2014 and see a number of accomplishments.    This Outreach details many of them.
  • Zonta International completed the new International, District, and Club logos. 
  • A successful Governor's seminar in September 2015.
  • District 12 Goals were finalized, linking to Zonta International goals.
  • Service and Scholarships:
  • 2014 YWPA International winner - Audra Burke (Pikes Peak Club)
  • 2014 JMK International winner - Samantha Johnson (Spearfish)
  • Three International Amelia Earhart Fellows attending a District 12 university -  University of Colorado.  (They were honored at the Area 3 meeting / Amelia Earhart luncheon in January, 2015).
  • Membership is increasing, and the District Membership committee is assisting clubs with retention strategies.  We focus on achieving our "net + 1" goals - which focuses not only on recruitment, but also retention.
  • "Zonta says No" to domestic violence is continued this biennium.  Many clubs participated in events to continue to get the word about this campaign.
  • ZI Centennial - all clubs completed their histories, and our D12 historian is actively working on our District 12 history.
  • Public Relations:  Your Area Directors have the "booth in a box" to help you promote Zonta at local community events.
  • Nominating committee - updates on the campaign policy, and of course,
  • Dues updates and process for submittal.
These are just a few highlights of all the work your District 12 leadership team is doing, working with you.  Although we've had some changes in the District 12 leadership team, we are continuing to be focused on our key initiatives and to ensure we are communicating ideas and best practices. 

On a separate note, it is with a sad heart that I discuss the passing of one of our own - Jacquie Sammons.  She was a member of the Zonta Club of Denver, a past District 12 Governor, and had many leadership positions at the International level.  She touched so many of our lives.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Outreach. I'd like to give special thanks to Janet Bergin a member of the Royal Gorge club.

Keep up all the good Zonta work.  We do make a difference!
Marcy O'Toole
Governor, District 12
2014 - 2016

Zonta International Updates 

NEW mission, NEW vision , NEW theme, and NEW LOGO

With the bylaw changes made during the Zonta International Convention in Orlando, Florida, the Zonta International Board reviewed Zonta's Mission, Vision and Theme.  After extensive work and review, the following are the new Mission, Vision and Theme.


Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.


Zonta International envisions a world in which women's rights are recognized as human rights and every woman is able to achieve her full potential. In such a world, women have access to all resources and are represented in decision making positions on equal basis with men. In such a world, no woman lives in fear of violence.


Empowering Women Through Service and Advocacy

Updates regarding the new logo and brand designs
Once the Mission, Vision and Theme were modified, the Zonta International board also reviewed the logo and brand.  Working closely with a Public Relations consultant, the ZI public relations committee found key words that defined Zonta and looked for colors that represent those words.  A new logo has been created that incorporates Zonta's image of competence and honesty. New logos are NOW available for the Districts and Clubs! The Club Presidents were emailed a link to get the new club logo.

From the Treasurer

It is the beginning of a new year in our lives, but soon it will be a new year for Zonta as well. This is an early reminder, that dues will be due on April 30, 2014, so that they can be submitted in a timely manner to Zonta International ("ZI") by May 31, 2014. The process for handling dues is this:
  • Zonta International will mail the club treasurer a listing of the membership that they have record of and requesting dues be paid for those individuals.
  • Located on the District 12 website http://zontadistrict12.org/ in the Members Only Area, under the heading, D12 Leadership Team, you'll find a link to Treasurer's Report and Forms.  Please click on this link and down load the Dues Transmittal forms for the District.  Please be sure to use the appropriate year's form.
  • Prepare the ZI Member Report Form (Form B) for all changes regarding your current membership, new members and reinstated members.
  • Prepare the ZI Membership Dues Payment Transmittal Form (Form C) for North America.
  • In an effort to make sure that District 12 and International have the same information, please send all your documentation regarding renewals, new members and reinstated members to the District 12 treasurer: Terri Otley, P O Box 6739, Denver, CO 80206-0739
If you should have any questions regarding this process, or require any assistance associated with the dues paying process, please contact Terri Otley at (303)831-1265 from 9:00am to 6:00pm M-F.

The Governor's Seminar

The theme for the Governor's Seminar was a great one because we:
  • Focused on you (Looking Inward) via an Emergenetics Profile, and
  • Kicked off the Zonta 2014-2016 Biennium (Looking Outward) with International highlights, 2014-2016 Goals, and meeting the District 12 Leadership team in a fun, engaging Trade Show environment. 
 Hosted by the Zonta Club of Cheyenne on Sept. 19-20, District 12 held another successful Governor Seminar.  This is the second Governor seminar, and based on feedback, we shortened it to a one day event with "optional fun activities"  on Friday and Saturday evenings.
The event started with a Friday evening mixer that included socializing with Zontians and painting wine glasses.  It was packed with over 67 Zontians attending. In addition to fun, we demonstrated our artistic talent - the glasses were beautiful. Prizes were given to the top artists!
The "main event" started with "Looking Inward" by doing an activity that is really different. Seventy-three Zontians took an Emergenetics profile and participated in a fun, engaging training and exercises. 
 The Emergenetics profile is be a tool that you can use in your working, family and Zonta life.  It measures 2 attributes: Thinking preferences AND behavior style. Knowing your preferences and style will help you be an effective leader-as you will learn to identify styles and adjust your approach to ensure you are communicating to all your team members.
The afternoon focused on "Looking Outward," which included Zonta International Convention updates and a review of 2014-2016 International biennial goals. The best part, however, was meeting our District 12 Leadership team by attending a Trade Show. Each Zontian was provided a list of questions and asked to participate in a "scavenger hunt" in search of the answers-which allowed for attendees to meet all the leadership. 
Overall, the seminar was a fun, engaging event AND the kitty looking in the mirror became a Lion after attending!

Kathy Hyzer, District 12 JMK Coordinator

For the second year in a row, District 12 has an International Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship winner. This year's District winner is Samantha Rose Johnson of Spearfish, SD.  She was the winner of the scholarship from the Spearfish Club, won our District 12 Scholarship, and recently was announced as one of 12 International Scholarship winners. In addition to the Scholarship from the Club, Samantha received $1500 from District 12 ($1000 from International and $500 from District) and $7000 from International. 

Samantha is a senior at Black Hills State University in the College of Business. Her major field of study is Business Administration-Economics and Finance. She expects to graduate with her Bachelors degree in December, 2014.  In January she will start her Master's of Business Administration, also at Black Hills State University Center. After that, she will decide whether she wants to pursue a doctorate in economics. In her application, Samantha stated that her goal is to work in higher education in business management. In addition to her superior academics, Samantha has won numerous awards including induction into Phi Beta Kappa, the Deans List (2011-2013), and Excellence in Leadership Award. She has also been the recipient of several scholarships. Samantha's volunteer activities include serving on the Dean's Student Advisory Board, and the Presidential Student Ambassadors. She also works as a volunteer in the community. 

Many thanks to the judges for this year's District Scholarship: Evie Ashmore, Ann Hefeneider and Kathy Swofford.


2014 YWPA Winner
Debbie Sunberg, YWPA Cooridinator

We are pleased to announce that the Zonta Club of the Pikes Peak Area's recipient of the Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award, Audra Burke, was also selected for the District 12 Award representing Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and South Dakota; and was one of 10 recipients of the YWPA Award from Zonta International.

Audra is an exceptional young woman from Yoder, Colorado who stood out among other applicants for the YWPA Award. Her academic success, extensive involvement and leadership in high school extra-curricular activities and in her community reach above and beyond that of an average high school student.

Audra credits her life experiences and relationships gained from growing up in a small supporting community. With this viewpoint, in addition to her confidence and leadership skills, we believe she will continue to make a great impact in our world as she works toward her vision to serve others to make their lives better.

Here is a photo of the 1963 District 12 Fall Conference, Laramie with Governor Alice E.McRae from Zonta Boulder County on left with Zonta International President J.Maria Pierce (second from left). (photo from District 12 records, Denver Public Library).

D12 Historian

I'm Beth Robertson, the Zonta District 12 Historian/Archivist, 2014-2016. I am also the current secretary of Zonta Club of Laramie where I have been a member since 2009. My favorite club activities so far have been serving on the Suited for Success Committee and modeling in our past Style Shows. I am a retired librarian and my hobbies are gardening, cooking, reading, travel, hiking, singing and working out at the gym.
Zonta International will celebrate its Centennial in 2019; 100 years of promoting and achieving global status for women, with professional women mentoring and championing educational, economic and emotional self sufficiency for all women worldwide. In recognition of the 2019 Centennial, all Zonta clubs worldwide have been tasked with producing a history in brief, creating a club history presence on their websites and preserving and maintaining archival records.
District 12, founded in 1951 is comprised of 21 clubs in four areas from Montana to Colorado. All 21 clubs that have completed their club histories in brief, according to ZI Centennial Anniversary Committee guidelines. Next step is the completion of the District 12 history.

All 21 clubs have active history/archives committees committed to preserving and securing their clubs historical records, photos and memorabilia.

Ann Hodgson, Area 3 Director

Booth-in-a-Box is a starter kit for clubs to use to set up displays at various events to advertize Zonta. Each Area Director has a box to share with clubs in their area. PR chair, Sue Fuller, can be contacted for restocking the boxes or clubs can order many items from the Zonta International or D12 websites.
Each box contains:
  • Zonta International trifold brochures (to be updated in March for the new biennium)
  • D12 brochures
  • Zonta balloons
  • D12 lens cloths
  • Six medium size foam board posters: (pdfs of these are on the D12 website for club use)
  •        3 boards covering ZI international projects
  •        2 boards covering ZISVAW projects
  •        1 board covering Awards, Scholarships and Fellowships
  • "Post It" note pads with ZI and D12 website information
  •  Small metallic Zonta emblem stickers
  • Flash dive with Zonta videos
  • A list of items for clubs to add (e.g. club brochures, bookmarks) 
Area 3 clubs have asked that the box be made available to them for their fund raising events this spring. Other Areas are evaluating possible uses. 
Area 3 Meeting and Amelia Earhart Luncheon
Ann Hodgson, Area 3 Director
Denver II was the host club for the Area 3 Meeting this year and decided to combine the Area Meeting with the Amelia Earhart Luncheon. In the past the luncheon has been held in January and the Area Meeting in April like other Areas. At last year's Area 3 President's Meeting it was suggested that we should combine the events. Denver II decided to take on the task of being the first club to do it!

A serendipitous result of combining the meetings was that Sharon Langenbeck, ZI Director and D12 Liaison, participated in our Area meeting. Sharon was an Amelia Earhart Fellow and past Chair of ZI's Amelia Earhart Committee.  Her main reason for coming to Denver was to present Wings to the 3 Fellows from the University of Colorado who all attended the luncheon.

The meeting was held at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on January 24, 2015. Everyone loved the venue and enjoyed visiting the museum since admission was included. The Area Meeting started at 10 a.m. and the Luncheon at noon.
  • Governor Marcy O'Toole covered D12 goals for the biennium based on ZI goals and how clubs should be involved.
  • Lieutenant Governor Renne Coppock gave us information on reasons members leave organizations and ideas on engaging and retaining members.
  • Sharon Langenbeck spent half an hour filling us in on ZI activities and plans for the biennium.
  • Denver II Vice President Lois Britton led a group exercise in which each person described club projects she was excited about to others at her table and then the table identified ones that might work as Area projects.
The Amelia Earhart Luncheon was especially exiting because the three current Fellows from the University of Colorado attended, as well, as Sharon Langenbeck, a 1977 and 1978 Fellow, and Lucy Stefan a 1948 Fellow and member of the Zonta Club of Fort Collins. Sharon gave a presentation on the Amelia Earhart Fellowship and its history. She introduced the current fellows with well researched information about each one. Current Fellows Christine Fanchiang, Juliana Feldhacker and Holly Borowski each spoke on their work and future plans. Wings were presented by Sharon, Lucy and Governor Marcy O'Toole.

We'd like to thank the Denver II members for helping to make the meeting a success. Special recognition goes to: President Suzanne Fasing, Lois Britton, Deb Ureel, Carol Leffler, and Carol Johnson. 

Hello from the District 12 Nominating Committee!

 Sheila Davis, nominating committee chair
The 2014-2016 District 12 Nominating Committee includes Sheila Davis, Mary Benoit and Denise Luckhurst, committee members. In April, 2015, recruiting will begin for the 2016-2018  District 12 offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Area Directors, Vice Area Directors, and District Nominating Committee.  If you are asked to run for one of these positions, please consider it carefully. Serving on the District Board is an educational, fun, and rewarding experience. Your Zonta horizons will be broadened extensively, and you will make many new friends both in District 12 and internationally!  
There have been two very important changes in regards to running for office:
First, there is a new campaigning policy that was created by the Zonta International Nominating Committee and adopted by the Zonta International Board in November of 2014. It outlines the conduct expected by Zontians regarding candidates running for club, district, or international office, both before and after an official slate has been issued. All Zontians should read this new policy whether they plan to run for office or not.  http://www.zonta.org/MemberResources/Policies.aspx
Second, a call for nominations for the 2016-2018 Zonta International (ZI) & Zonta International Foundation (ZIF) Board and Nominating Committee positions will be sent to all Zontians by the end of February. Clubs will be able to submit their candidate(s) directly to the ZI Nominating Committee through an online nominating form. It will no longer be necessary to submit candidates for ZI and ZIF positions to the District Nominating Committee.
Hoping you will say the following if contacted by the Nominating Committee:
Count me in!

Remembering Jacquelyn N. (Koski) Sammons,
10 August 1939 - 1 November  2014

Proceeded by parents Mr. and Mrs. George Koski, husband Perry and daughter Lori. Survived by her sister Kim Berry, son Ron (Jackie), and grandchildren Katie, Perry & Lewis. Graduate of Western State College and a CPA.

Jacki Sammons was a member of the Zonta Club of Denver for 30 years.  She was Club President 1988 -1989, and Zontian of the Year in 1997. In addition, Jacki held many positions on the District Board. In 1990-92, she served as District Treasurer, in 1993-94 as Membership / Classification Chair, and in 1994-1996, she served as District Governor.
Then in 1996-1998, Jacki was appointed by the ZI President to serve as the Zonta International Literacy Chair. Four years later, she was a ZI Foundation ambassador for District 12, Then, in 2004, she was elected to serve on the Zonta International Foundation (ZIF) Board.  As a ZIF Director, Jacki first served on the Finance & the Program Monitoring Committees; then in 2006-08, she served as the Finance Committee Chair. It was a difficult period for ZI-ZIF, but here in D12, we were somewhat reassured because we had direct knowledge of Jacki's integrity.
We in District 12 have a fairly thorough record of Jacki's term as Governor. In the mid-1990s, membership numbers & the success of clubs in District 12 were see-sawing somewhat as they are now. Club losses included Aurora (1982-1994), Englewood-Littleton (1961-1994) and the original Fort Collins club (1959-1994, which re-chartered 1997). However, the Zonta Club of the Southern Black Hills in Custer, South Dakota, was chartered in 1994. Jackie noted in her report to ZI that governor-elect Bunny Tyler and board members would be working hard on recruitment & retention.
Despite losses in overall membership during the 1994-96 biennium, District 12 recorded more than $42,000 in contributions to Zonta's international projects & scholarships, for which the district received a special plaque in 1996. Total service dollars to international & local community service projects in 1996 was $146,596, and 8,700 total service hours were reported by 18 of the 22 clubs. At Convention, the D12 Outreach newsletter received an honorable mention in the 1994-96 Public Relations Contest for "an accessible & well organized newsletter."
Governor Sammons & the D12 Board reported several achievements during the biennium, including a long range plan (incorporating strategies for increased Zonta name recognition, templates for the newsletter & brochures, greater use of technology, and a new prospective member packet. They also completed and distributed the District Policy & Procedures Manual. (Does this all sound familiar?) 
In 1996 for her final Governor's Report, Jackie noted that the D12 Board worked hard to provide tools for clubs and members: -Tools provide knowledge of Zonta. That knowledge will provide for better member relations; better member relations will provide happy members; happy members will stay in Zonta, and members that stay in Zonta will give the membership numbers to accomplish the dreams of the women that join Zonta. -  ("Always hard to argue with JS's straightforward logic.")
Jacki guided several clubs in District 12 to launch their own 501(c) 3 not-for-profit corporations, and as a straight-talking mentor ("never one to put lipstick on a pig"), encouraged many of us to become members and weigh whether to pursue various leadership positions. 

We will forever remember her and honor her service to Zonta.
Submitted by Kay Meyer
Background information provided by Beth Robertson, D12 Archivist, from various written sources

Meet your D12 Leadership Team

Lieutenant Governor
Renee L. Coppock

Parliamentarian / Bylaws & Resolutions Chairman
Deb Beatty
Lakewood / Golden

Area 3 Director
Ann Hodgson

Area 2 Vice Director
Carolyn White
Converse County


Advocacy/United Nations Chair
Denise LaRue

External Communications /
PR Chair
Sue Fuller

Z & Golden Z Coordinator


Jane M. Klausman Coordinator
Kathy Hyzer

Nominating Committee Chair
Sheila Davis

Deedee Boysen

Area 1 Director
Teresa Forbes


Area 4 Director
Linda Hawkins
Prowers County


Area 3 Vice Director
Michelle Medal

Archivist & Historian
Beth Robertson


Internal Communications Chair
Kari Winter
Lakewood / Goldern


Service Chair
Ann Hefenieder

YWPA Coordinator
Debbie Sundberg

Nominating Committee Member
Denise Luckhurst

Teresa Ann Otley
Denver II

Area 2 Director
Michelle Ammerman


Area 1 Vice Director
Andrea Hovey
Black Hills

Area 4 Vice Director
Debbie Reynolds
Prowers County


Kay Meyer


ZIF District 12 Ambassador
Jan Kirch
Black Hills

Susie Nulty
Pikes Peak


Amelia Earhart Coordinator
Debra Ureel
Denver II


Nominating Committee Member
Mary Benoit

Important Dates

International Women's Day / Rose Day - March 8
Commission of Status of Women (CSW) - March 9 - 20, 2015 - New York City
Area Meetings
                  Area 1:  April 24 - 25, 2015, Sturgis, SD
                  Area 2:  April 17-18, 2015, Greeley, CO
                  Area 4:  March 27-28, 2015, Royal Gorge, CO
Spring District 12 Leadership meeting - June 5-7, 2015, Denver, CO
North American Inter-district Meeting - June 12 - 14, 2015, Minneapolis, MN
2015 District 12 Conference – September 25 - 27, 2015, Boulder, CO
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