Leadership Training

Club President’s Responsibilities
Team Ground Rules
D12 Leadership Team Pics 2016-2018
Zonta Club Manual Sept 2016
Club Annual Report 2016-2017
District 12 Club President’s Guide 05-16-2015
ZCD Leadership Development Evaluation President

Club President’s Responsibilities 05/18/17
Club President’s Responsibilities (PowerPoint)

Club President’s Responsibilities 05/04/17
Club President’s Responsibilities (PowerPoint)

District Conference Training 05/31/17
District Conference Planning (PowerPoint)
District Conference Planning (Documents)
D12 Policies & Procedures Manual 2015

Membership Training

Area Meeting Training
Area Meeting Training Jan 2017 (PowerPoint)
D12 Area Meeting Budget Template
Area Meeting Report Template
Area 2 Meeting Agenda 2012
2014 Area 1 Registration & Agenda
2013 Call to Area 1 Meeting & Registration
A2 Meeting Agenda 041214
Area Meeting Evaluation Report 042513
Area 1 Meeting Evaluation Form
Area Meeting Evaluation 042013

Area Director Training
Area Director Training 2016-2018 (PowerPoint)
Leadership Team Meetings & Conference Calls 2016-2018
Presidents’ Meeting Agenda March 2016
A2 President’s Conference Call

Nominating Committee
Choosing Your Leaders (Power Point)
Club Nominating Matrix (Excel)

Board Training – 2015
Building Effective Boards
PowerPoint Template

The Basics of Club Finances – 2015
PDF format or
PowerPoint: Part 1 (slides 1-26) * Part 2 (slides 26-50)

Club President’s Responsibilities – 05/16/2015

Club Secretary Tools

Bylaws (2014-2016) Review

  • Zonta International proposed Bylaws changes and rationale
    Word Doc * PDF

Long Range Planning and Goal Setting


Club Meeting Tools

Attendee Training for the Orlando Convention

Club Annual Reports

Starting a Z or Golden Z Club

How to make a Facebook page for your club

Archiving To Preserve Your Club’s History


Conducting New Member Orientation….best practices in….


Service Recognition Award


Manuals – see ZI web site

Other Tools