Organized May, 1951


Mission Statement: To make a difference at the local and international level.


5K Information and Registration
Results: Overall and Age Group

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Officers and Board of Directors 2013-2014:
President • Becky Kosach
President Elect • Effie Bader
Vice President • Ashley Schluck
Secretary • Sarah Hellevang
Treasurer • Martha Reisch
Assistant Treasurer • Wendy King
Past President • Kathy Galster
Parliamentarian • Bonnie Robertson

Directors 2012-2014:
Nevada Jackson
Karol Hodges
Kim Frazier

Directors 2013-2015:
Emily Parsons
Amber McKee
Winter Hansen

Nominating Committee:
Kathy Galster
Maryalice Gulino
Beth Robertson


Contact Information:

Zonta Club of Laramie
PO Box 2196
Laramie, Wyoming 82073
E-mail: LaramieZonta@nullgmail.com