Organized May, 1951

Mission Statement: To make a difference at the local and international level.

Officers and Board of Directors 2017-2018:
President • Robynn Palmer
President Elect • Misty Brodiaea
Vice President • Kathie Ogden
Secretary • Jennifer Stone
Treasurers • Joanna French & Tessa Cedilla
Director 2016-2018 • Tia Ocampo
Director 2016-2018 • Effie Bader
Director 2016-2018 • Jeanetta Schmidt
Director 2017-2019 • Misty Brodiaea
Director 2017-2019 • Deedee Boysen
Director 2017-2019 • Alyssa Tekiela
Nominating Committee: Wendy King



Club meetings are held the 4th Thursday of the month at the banquet room at Grand Avenue Pizza in downtown Laramie. Dinner meetings generally begin at 5:30 PM with cocktails and conclude around 7:30 PM following a business meeting and a program. Club meetings are open to prospective members. Please contact Deedee Boysen at LaramieZonta@nullgmail.com for more information about membership or attending a club meeting.


Contact Information:

Zonta Club of Laramie
PO Box 2196
Laramie, Wyoming 82073
E-mail: LaramieZonta@nullgmail.com

Last update: March 12, 2018