2015 Zonta District 12 Conference

HERstory of Heros

Zontian Club Hero Why?
Ann Hefenieder Billings Marie Curie When I was in 4th grade, I read a biography about Marie Curie. A scrubby little kid in a Catholic school with no science program. I had no idea women could be scientists. She inspired me to become a chemist!
Debbie Sundberg Billings Phyllis Todd Sundberg, my Mother Amazing, intelligent, 4th generation Montana woman, caring, mother of 5 children, loving wife, cherished friend, excellent dietitian, dedicated librarian, historian, author, quilter, genealogist, community leader, home economist, artist, gardener, grandmother, great grandmother, daughter of Montana pioneers. My Mother - June 24, 1927 to March 25, 2004. I miss my Mother every day.
Renee Coppeck Billings Women Pioneers These women persevered through tough conditions, managed families, were innovative cooks, often acted as the family doctor, were physically fit through hard work and still had time to fight for women's rights.
Debbie Willis Billings Janice Armour She was my Mom - she raised me and was my mentor through life.
Diane Saeffler Black Hills Gloria Struck She is an inspiration to me. She is 89 years old - member of Motor Maids & Biker Belle's in Sturgis. Riding her own motorcycle (Harley) at 89, she rode 1700 miles to the 75th Sturgis Rally & her goal is to be riding on 2 wheels until she is 100!!
Shirley Hehn Black Hills Florence Nightingale Became a nurse when it wasn't "cool" for affluent women. Was an excellent pioneer for cleanliness in fighting infection & setting up nursing administration.
Jessica Larson Black Hills Ruth Bader Ginsburg She is a strong female attorney- now Supreme Court justice.
Andrea Hovey
Jan Kirch
Black Hills Hot Flash and her
sidekick Night Sweats
Because HF and NS are charismatic women who are your friends and constant companions later in like.
Jo Prang Black Hills Sacagawea She was a Shoshone interpreter & the only woman on the Lewis & Clark expedition which went through South Dakota. She did all the men did in addition to carrying a baby on her back.
Andrea Hovey Black Hills Diane Staeffler She is a model of a hardworking business owner, a loving daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and friend. She is a wise counselor and knows how to kick my butt and still leave me with a smile.
Patty Nikkila Black Hills Gloria Steinem Pioneer in feminism
Toni Lorgan Boulder County Kathy Robertson Kathy took a horrible tragedy and turned her grief into action. She has met with local, state and federal lawmakers urging for laws to protect young women from date violence. She then brought her voice, energy and commitment to empowering women to Zonta.
Debbie Squires Boulder County Gloria Steinem As a lost soul in college, I read about her as "people of interest" and realized she would be my role model.
Jan Stokes Boulder County Huda Sha'arawi Egyptian feminist and advocate for girls' education. Born in 1879, she became a public figure and was the first Egyptian woman to remove her face veil in public.
Kathy Robertson Boulder County Hillary Clinton Because of her commitment to women's issues, and having the courage to run for president twice.
Michelle Medal Boulder County Mother Teresa She is always thinking of others, and trying to lessen their suffering. She cared for those that others have left behind. I hope I can be just a little like her and remember how blessed I am.
Ellen Tye Boulder County Madame Curie She changed medicine - was dedicated and gave her life to be the first woman to make such a remarkable discovery of polonium and radium.
Carole Fitzsimmons Boulder County My Mother Her guidance, friendship, caring - every good thing she did for others. She was a saint.
Linda Bogart Cheyenne Eleanor Roosevelt She was brilliant!
Jaime Davis Cheyenne Eleanor Roosevelt Fought for equality, women's rights and human rights. Did not allow her husband's role to define her, yet encouraged him to continue his career.
Carolyn White Converse County Mary "Bonnie" Baker -Catcher for American Women's Professional Baseball Association
During World War II, Bonnie got a chance to display her athletic talents, keeping baseball parks filled with fans. I appreciate her paving the way for the future female athletes.
Mary Benoit Denver Betty Edwards Zontian mentor; self-starter.
Sheila Davis Denver Doc Susie A medical doctor in the 1890's.
Judy Allen Denver Mary Walker She was a doctor during the Civil War and was given the Medal of Honor which was taken from her. President Carter reinstated this award to her posthumously. She was instrumental in getting women to stop wearing corsets that injured the internal organs and deformed bones.
Katie Wenecke Denver Deedee Boysen Deedee is smart, kind and passionate about supporting and mentoring young women. She has a loving heart and giving soul. I'm lucky to call her my best friend and Mom. She is truly my hero.
Terri Otley Denver II My Teachers
2 in Junior High & 3 in Senior High
They made me look at the world around me. The motivated me to get my education and helped me overcome my environment, to be alive & present today.
Virginia Dickinson Denver II Audrey Hepburn She survived the Nazi occupation as a young girl; went on to become an icon actress, but put her career aside to raise her children. She focused her efforts later in life on helping impoverished children through the United Nations.
Ellen Fitzpatrick Denver II Cousin Janet Sprickman She led me to Zonta. Her career and leadership were important to me.
Debra Ureel Denver II Marcy O'Toole She was my sponsor into Zonta
Sharon Faircloth Denver II Marie Scott She brought her first homestead at 16 and built up the most beautiful land in Colorado; achieved greatness in ranching; member of the Women's Colorado Hall of Fame
Carol Laffler Denver II My Mom My Mother was "older" when she gave birth to me. She was a strong woman, working outside the home managing a creamery! She taught me that a person's drive can accomplish a lot!
Julie Browning Douglas County Hillary Rodham Clinton Hillary has ushered in a new era in the long battle toward globally recognized rights for women and girls. She has accomplished so much!
Judy L Nesavich Douglas County Molly Brown She followed her heart even when it was the less popular path. She was always looking for ways to help the poor and less fortunate.
Nancy Page Cooper Douglas County Jane Austin She broke the mold for women in the 1820's - just as popular 1950's and later.
Cindy Phillip Everett, Washington Virginia Gullikson One of the most dedicated community volunteers I know.
Colleen Grady Yuskewich Foothills Boulder My Mom, Eileen Grady First college graduate in her family; teacher; husband passed when she had 3 young children to raise; service to others; advocate for women
Catherine Medal Foothills Boulder Rosie the Riveter I own an Early Childhood Center and I am the "handy woman." She is the epitome of the independent woman who gets the job done in stressful times. A leader for all women! She was an example of women coming forward during World War II to help the American cause, to replace men in the factories while they were soldiers.
Jan Polkinghorne Foothills Boulder Marie Genevieve Nicol Born 1792 in Alsace France. My earliest immigrant ancestor came 1833. Husband died of cholera 3 months later. Raised 4 children alone in a strange and arduous land in Missouri.
Chris Rhoda Foothills Boulder Rosa Parks She acted with tremendous individual courage taking a big risk to herself, not knowing the consequences.
Marta Lindrose Foothills Boulder My Grandmother, Martina Matthews She introduced me to music, art and cooking. She did not go to college but encouraged me to go and become the first female in my family to go and graduate.
Tommie Atanasoff Foothills Boulder Mary Cassat Broke ground for women painters in America in the 19th century and have painting as a vocation; exhibited with Paris Impressionists and was a suffragette.
Pamela Malzbender Foothills Boulder Elizabeth Cady Staton Made women's rights a reality; started the 1st women's rights movement; concerned with voting but also parental & custodial rights, property, economic health and birth control!
Ann Hodgson Foothills Boulder Sally Ride A successful woman in STEM, a physicist & astronaut; CEO of Sally Ride Science creating entertaining science programs for elementary & middle school students with a focus on girls.
Cate Lawrence Foothills Boulder Judith Curry, PhD Heads School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech. Questions the establishment and group think.
Kay Meyer Foothills Boulder Jane Goodall She was a dedicated scientist, mother and now an effective advocate for the environment and peace. She worked her way to Africa to pursue her dream.
Carolyn Marino Foothills Boulder My Mom, Jean Marino Generous, friendly, sacrificing, unpretentious, moral, family oriented, positive
Christie Maurais Foothills Boulder Malala She is brave and perseveres. She has turned a bad experience into a positive, global teaching moment with long standing solutions & effects.
Robyn Moore Fort Collins Beverly Goering My Mother has always been supportive of me. She raised me as a single mother, went back to school to complete her master's degree. She has conquered breast cancer 4 times! She has always made me believe I can do anything I set my mind to. She is a wonderful role model of how a professional woman, mother, daughter should conduct herself.
Patti Smith Fort Collins My Mother, Minam Cummings After marrying my Dad, she moved into a conservative German community North Dakota farm. She taught me many things: be kind to all - if other are not "kill them with kindness." She was the only woman in an investment club in the closet town of 900 people. She was a kind, giving, strong and courageous woman. She encouraged me to experience like to the fullest serving others.
Diana Laws Greeley Jane Carlson She (literally) saved my life as a young, single mom - battered wife. As I struggled, she asked - "are you going to stay beaten down or do something with your life?" I chose well!
Bridget Masters Greeley Zontians The hard work, dedication, wonderful spirit!
Pat Kiovsky Greeley Women that are breaking the Glass Ceiling It's hard to do and set a path for all women and young girls.
Kathy Swafford Greeley Ellis Meredith, Colorado Suffragist 1893 Colorado women got the vote; she was a columnist at the Rocky Mountain News, contacted Susan B Anthony & Lucy Stone; Carrie Chapman Catt who came to Colorado to help - Meredith was head of the Colorado Equal Suffrage Association.
Jan Banta Greeley Sheila Davis Sheila is a great sister, Mom and Nana. Sheila helped women advance their careers at US West and she has been a great leader in Zonta.
Anna Gualandi Hatea Whangarei, New Zealand Margaret Mead Ever since I read about Margaret in middle school, I have framed my view of the world through the lens of women's anthropology. She was a smart, strong woman ahead of her time - navigating through a male dominated career with wisdom and vision. Her advocacy and determination continue to be an inspiration to me.
Julie Schaefers Lakewood-Golden The amazing Forest Service women who came before me These smart, tough women joined the Forest Service with both barrels blazing - knocking down doors and smashing ceilings and making themselves welcome in and a part of the "good-old-boys" club.
Deedee Boysen Laramie Sacajawea She had courage, conviction and commitment and WOW she really made a difference to her team as she traveled the west!
Tasha Bauman Laramie Boedicea In AD 60 or 61, she took on the entire Roman Empire to save the land that her husband left for her daughters!! Really an amazing thing for her time.
Denise Luckhurst Pierre/Fort Pierre Ms. Gulbranson Ms. Gulbranson was my senior high English teacher. She taught me to understand and love Shakespeare and also how to write a great research paper! A skill that has served me well in life.
Roxanne Krute Pikes Peak Area Betty Edwards Past Pikes Peak Area President, Past District 12 Governor, and probably everything else. Betty is a bold and tenacious woman working in service and advocacy for women, most recently recognized for her work founding the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado. And I love her spirit and sense of humor.
Susie Nulty Pikes Peak Area Mother Teresa Helpful, caring and a hard worker. She taught many that others in need are important.
Lois Schroeder Prowers County Beverly Augustine True symbol of Zonta; never slow down; very dignified lady-lady; great sense of humor; 60-year member; past governor; true friend.
Linda Hawkins Prowers County Beverly Augustine She has been in business in Lamar for over 60 years, owning her own dress shop. She has received many awards in our community and has been a member of Zonta for 60 years serving Prowers County Zonta in every capacity and is a past governor for District 12.
Rosemay Marrin Prowers County Beverly Augustine She has been a dedicated member to Zonta for 60 years. She still works her own business at 90 years. What a hero to me and my club!
Liz Whitham & Susan Sutphin Prowers County Beverly Augustine In addition to exemplifying the ideals of Zonta, Beverly continues to actively participate in community activities as well as manage a business long after many would take it easy. Her ability to adapt to life in a rural community after graduating from one of the top universities in the country is just one example of Beverly's strengths.
Mindy Minor Royal Gorge Jeanne Ledbetter, my Mom She raised three children, worked multiple jobs and recently cared for her daughter with cancer, her husband and now her 101 year old mother.
Janet Bergin Royal Gorge Jane Black Thomas She saved a regiment from the British in the Revolutionary War; scared off British from home and saved guns; named the first American feminist and my ancestor.
Teresa Forbes Sturgis Alice Paul (and many more) Her efforts to secure women's suffrage are inspirational. I am thankful for the women who put their lives on the line to help all of us move toward equality.
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