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2014 Feb new member

Rhonda Bolich-Lampo, Julie Browning, Debbie Squires
We love inducting new members into our club!

Why Should I Join?

As a member of Zonta, you have opportunities to

  • make a contribution to local and international service projects that improve the status of women;
  • to become acquainted and make friends with like-minded men and women in your community and in other parts of the Zonta world;
  • to establish a network of business contacts;
  • to use, learn and improve leadership skills;
  • to travel the world by attending District Conferences and the biennial International Convention (In 2010 in San Antonio, Texas); and
  • in the process, to have fun!

What Is Expected of a Member?

Members are responsible for regularly attending club and relevant committee meetings. You must pay all dues, fees, and assessments promptly. You may be called upon to serve in leadership roles and give your time, talent, and enthusiasm to the organization. You are also responsible for identifying and recommending prospective new members. You are encouraged to attend Area, District, and International meetings, workshops, conferences, and conventions.


Finance/Fundraising: Fund-raising events are spearheaded by this committee to raise money for grants to selected charitable organizations whose work furthers Zonta’s mission. Our famous Trivia Night is held in April of each year.

Service: Applications for grants are solicited and evaluated by the Service Committee. The Committee’s proposals are then considered and approved by the Board, then Club members at a Club meeting. The Service Committee also identifies hands-on service projects that improve the status of women and children.

Public Relations: This committee is responsible for promoting our monthly meetings, fellowship events, and special awards given in the community. Press releases, newspaper articles, and other methods are used.

Legislative Awareness and Advocacy: This committee works in conjunction with Districts goals regarding legislative issues going on at the state capitol each year while the legislature is in session. In March 2008 we were successful in getting the Colorado State Legislature to adopt a resolution in support of CEDAW (Committee for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women).

Program: Coordinates the speakers and special activities we do at each months meeting.

Zontian of the Year: Selects via nominations and awards a Zontian of the Year. Specific criteria is used.

Nominating: Consists of a current Board member, the immediate Past President, and another Zonta Club member. This committee is responsible for filling the Board positions for the coming year. The process begins in January and is completed in April. The new Board takes office in May.