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Platform for Advocacy

for Zonta International, District 12
District Conference, September 24, 2011

Whereas, Zonta International District 12 seeks to advance the status of women through timely communications of clearly-stated positions, and
Whereas, there is agreement that the following issues are of common concern to all members of the District:
  • - Achieving pay equity (e.g., Paycheck Fairness Act)
  • - Supporting measures to oppose gender-based violence, such as trafficking, rape, & domestic violence, (e.g., Preventing Child Marriage Act,)
  • - Ensuring equal rights under the law (e.g., CEDAW, ERA).
Whereas, legislative action and/or media attention is frequently the primary vehicle for effecting change, and
Whereas, the District Governor is authorized to act on behalf of the District, with the approval of the membership,

BE IT RESOLVED, therefore, that
  1. 1. District 12 is authorized, via the current Governor, to communicate on behalf of the District regarding these subjects, expressing the above general principles by using the District 12 issue templates whenever possible.
  2. 2. District 12 urges its Clubs and members to use these issue templates in support of legislation and/or as talking points for media placements. These will be developed and provided on the District 12 website at www.zontadistrict12.org.
  3. 3. District 12 urges its Clubs and Areas to communicate, cooperate, and combine their efforts in order to make their individual efforts more effective.
  4. 4. District 12 encourages Clubs to work with other like-minded organizations in their respective communities to further the ends expressed above and approved by this District Conference, September, 2011.


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